CSG is short for Consumer Safety Group.

1. Is my money actually safe?

Yes! We insure that all transactions done through CSG are safe and scam free. For your protection we are bonded and a licensed escrow service provider.

2. How do I know I'm not buying from a puppy mill?

To legally ship a puppy, a breeder must either be: 1. USDA registered and inspected. Or 2: Be exempt from USDA registration and inspection by having four or less females. While CSG guarantees that you will receive the pet you chose, we make no guarantees about the breeder themselves. However, in the interest of our customers and pets we will block anyone from our site who we feel is not a reputable breeder or seller. Customer satisfaction is our goal in each and every transaction. 

3. What happens if a problem arises after I took delivery of the pet?

CSG only guarantees that you will receive your pet, and your money does not disappear into the hands of a scammer. After you receive delivery of your pet, this has been accomplished. In the event of a disagreement or problem arising after receiving a pet, CSG will serve as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. Thankfully, there are very few times this has been needed. 

4. Can I use your escrow service for items besides pets?

At this point in time CSG only provides escrow for transactions involving pets. We do not provide escrow services for real estate transactions or other items.