How It Works

1. You find an item for sale from a Consumer Safety Group approved seller. Sellers will have a link on their website to our payment portal. 

2. You send us the funds via credit card or debit card. To complete the payment you need to sign a web form with a tablet, smart phone, or desktop computer mouse. You will also need to upload, via our secure server, a picture of a valid state issued photo Id. This information is kept secure and never rented, sold, or shared.

3. We hold the funds until you receive your pet. When you pickup your pet, the seller will have you sign a document stating that your new pet is what you expect. If it is not, you can terminate the contract, and your money will be refunded, including escrow fees. If you do terminate the contract, the sale is canceled and you do not get the pet. A successful airway shipment, with a signature of receipt at the airport is also proof of receiving your pet. 

4. After we receive the signed document, or an airway bill demonstrating proof the pet was shipped and received, we release the funds to the seller.

We are not a money transmitter. If you are looking for just a payment service, we recommend something like PayPal.

Consumer Safety Group, LLC is bonded and licensed by the state of Montana as an escrow service company.